OBANEYA Co. Items – Winter Fancy Food Show 2014 –

1.Burdock sushi roll

・The expiration date: 180days, ・Solid quantity: 17.6 oz, ・Length about: 7.09 in
Ourcompany workers have cut each piece of burdock by hand and this burdock sushi roll is made of carefully selected ingredients using this burdock.

Two types of tastes

Burdock root with soy sauce taste
Wakadori satogobou (young burdock roots) are burdock pickles that have been pickled in soy sauce with their skins remaining to add to their flaver.
It’s used in tempura or added directly to rice in the rice cooker with stock and other ingredients. This brings out their natural flavor.

Burdock root with sweet bonito soy sauce taste
Bonito and Wakadori satogobou (young burdock roots) pickles that were made with mild bonito soy sauce with the burdock skins remaining to add to their flavor. It doesn’t use artificial coloring only the burdock’s natural shade.

2. Japanese Plum and bonito burdock pickles.burdock pickles(in a delicate Plum / bonito seasoning)

・The expiration date: 180days, ・Solid quantity: 17.6 oz, ・Length about: 4.72 in

It was made in a delicate seasoning from plums grown in Jouyou city in Kyouto prefecture and dried bonito. It has a superb sweet and sour flavor.